Making participants safer


June 11, 2013 by Brian Ghidinelli

If you ask any event organizer what is their #1 priority, they will universally tell you it is safety.

Starting today, attendees can now enter medical information that event organizers can print off in batches and provide to Advanced Life Support and Emergency personnel crews for serious incidents.

Suggested by Stacy King from the Triangle Z Club, the information collected aggregates what most racing organizations (such as BMW CCA, Porsche Club of America, SCCA and NASA) use and provides a single source of information that organizers can rely upon.

Participants need only enter this information once and update it periodically as their health changes. For each event they register, organizers have access to print a limited, privacy-enhanced document designed specifically for emergency workers with large type and clearly laid out information. Beyond name and a basic vehicle description, no personally identifiable data is printed maximizing the privacy of participants while providing the information necessary to safely treat them in case of an incident.

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