May 29, 2014 by Brian Ghidinelli

Since we started in 2003, savvy potential customers have been asking us a smart question:

"So, how do we know you won't run off to Mexico and stiff us?"

Our response usually includes something about our stellar track record, the 300 customers and our many endorsements and official designations from car clubs, racetracks and sanctioning bodies around the country but let's be honest:

  1. We like to drive, too, and last we checked there are no VIRs, Road Americas or Laguna Secas in Mexico
  2. Our moms would like to see us on the front page of the newspaper but not for that

All joking aside, we have grown to where we are today the old-fashioned way: with a promise and (virtual) hand-shake and then standing behind our word.

We still believe that's good business but we also recognize that a stronger assurance would help our suppliers feel they're making the safe decision by working with There is always a risk working with delayed payment terms and while our Net 15 is best in class, we want each group we work with to have no fear of us going belly-up. Since March, we have carried a $1,000,000 crime and fidelity policy that in the event of employee or third-party theft, cybercrime or (gulp!) a kidnapping, guarantees your organization will receive the payment we're contractually obligated to deliver.

This helps us all sleep better at night, so enjoy! One more way that our scale as the largest motorsport event registration system helps make it easier and less scary to put on events!

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